Why Choose Us?

When you work with Idaho Family Real Estate, you are guaranteed professional experience with a personal touch. We go the extra mile to make sure all of your questions and concerns are put to rest because this process is all about you.

Why Choose Us?

Our real estate company treats you like family. Selling your home is an important decision and we want you to have all the information and support you need to navigate the process.

Let us use our experience to help you achieve your property selling goals. Our agents pride themselves on their comprehensive knowledge of the Treasure Valley market and we will use that to get you the best possible value.

Our Process Our Agents Maximum Value

Our Process

When you contact Idaho Family Real Estate, we begin asking questions about your property and selling goals. Soon we will schedule an appointment to view the property in person to help determine the value, selling time-frame, and cost associated with selling.

Next your realtor will look at previous listings of the property, view tax records, search for comparable properties, and find property sales data. Once we have done research and have found enough relevant property data, we will determine a general market value of the property.

At our appointment we will walk through the property to view the condition, review with you the information we’ve researched, and provide you with our tentative listing price. Next we provide you with an estimated sheet that contains 3-4 scenarios that could alter the listing price depending on any repairs or replacements that may potentially be necessary.

At this point we will discuss with you how to market the property. Idaho Family Real Estate hires professional photographers to shoot and film the property for the purpose of creating a virtual tour. This virtual tour is then syndicated through our full network of property listing sites as well as sharing through our social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, our blog, and more.

Idaho Family Real Estate provides yard signs, specialty riders, and the MLS lockbox for the front door. We answer all phone calls from realtors and buyers on your behalf to schedule showings and reduce the burden on you. This way you only have to worry about communicating with one realtor: your expert at Idaho Family Real Estate.

After we have received an offer, we will provide you with an information sheet about it and work with you to create any necessary counter-offers or addendums. Our primary concern is your satisfaction and success. After you have accepted an offer, we will handle all scheduling for inspections, appraisals, and closing appointments.

Multiple, Highly Skilled Agents

Working with Idaho Family Real Estate means you have access to multiple highly skilled agents with experience you can trust. Depending on your unique situation, you can work with an agent who is specifically suited to your type of property or goal.

At other real estate companies, you get saddled with the first person available rather than the one best suited for the job. Not the case with Idaho Family Real Estate: we put your needs first.

Get the Maximum Value

We have succeeded in this business in part because we understand that your satisfaction and success comes first. It’s our goal to give you service so great you’ll tell all your friends and family about us. Getting the maximum value for your property and achieving your selling goals is all part of this.

Have Questions?

Contact us today at 208.656.5555 to start the process of selling real estate in the Treasure Valley.